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Instagram Now Allows Chat Without Using Mobile App

Chat on Instagram without using your mobile? Now it is possible because the DMs came to Instagram web

The gap between the web version of Instagram and its mobile application is still significant, but it closes a little more every day. Thanks to a leak, in February, we learned that Facebook would be testing the function of sending direct messages from the Instagram web, but we did not know the implementation date. But the mystery has already been revealed, and as of right now you can chat by DM on Instagram web.

Direct Messages Reach Instagram Web

As the title of this article says, you can now chat with your Instagram friends from the web version of the platform. The developers continue to improve Instagram non-stop and seem determined that the social network is less dependent on mobile every day.

Instagram Allow Chat Without Mobile

As with the mobile app, direct messages on the web version of Instagram are stored in a tray that is set apart from the rest of the feed. To access, you just have to press the classic Instagram DMs icon (the paper plane), which is located in the upper right part of the screen.

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Once inside, you will be taken to your inbox, where you can see all your active chats, divided into the “Main” and “General” trays, just like in the mobile app.

The new DM chat function in the web version of Instagram is quite complete

You already know how to access it, but how about this new function compared to the mobile app? It is quite perfect and very similar to the mobile version, with only a couple of things that need to be implemented.

In principle, you can share with someone else an image that you have seen in your feed, through a direct message. How? In the post, you want to share, tap the send by DM (paper plane) icon, and a menu will open with your private chats.

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Of course, you can continue all the conversations you had active on your mobile, but you can also start a new one. To do so, just press the new message button in the left sidebar, and you will access a search menu to locate the person you need to contact. Yes, just like on your Android mobile. Not just that, it is very simple and easy to use.

Already moved properly to chats, you will find practically the same functions. You can write messages, send like with the heart icon, send your favorite emojis, and even send photos or videos from your computer.

Instagram App

Among the things you still can’t do, we only identify two. The first is that you will not be able to send audios like in the mobile app; the second, that you will not be able to send stickers or animated GIFs either. Two essential functions are lost, but we are sure that they should be close to being added.

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With this novelty, Instagram is closer to its web and mobile versions, and it will no longer be necessary to take your smartphone to react to something that you have been told privately. However, we are still missing a crucial functionality, the upload of photos from the web, something that would be an absolute blast.

So, that’s all the above about Instagram new web version features. Share this post to your friend. And what did you think of this novelty? Leave a comment below in the comment box.

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