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How to Hide Wifi Icon on Android [100% Working]

The status bar of the Android smartphone will usually display various icons such as wifi, Bluetooth, battery, and others. If you want to hide wifi icon from the status bar then this post is for you.

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Basically, the android phone status bar is created as a shortcut for android users to set android function settings.

But when you are activating various icon functions at once, of course, all the icons will appear above the status bar. Or when opening a PDF file or watching a movie, the icon in the status bar makes the space above the smartphone feel full.

You also don’t need to see all the icons while using a smartphone. Like Samsung vendors who usually display the wifi or cellular data icon even though they are not using it.

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For those of you who feel annoyed and want to hide the wifi icon on Android, you can try the method below.

First Method : Using App

In the Play Store, you can find an application that is useful for hiding the icon in the status bar called GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode. By using this application, you can hide notifications or icons in the status bar with just one click even you can hide wifi icon.

Even though on Android you can hide the icon in the status bar without an application, those of you who want to shorten the time to hide the icon in the status bar can use this application.

This application can be used by android smartphone KitKat and above and does not require root access to run. It’s lightweight and free to use.

How to use GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode

  • Download GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode on Play Store and install it
  • Then open the application and activate the application by clicking the icon at the top
  • Once active, the application will display 3 shapes that can be used to hide icons in the status bar
  • In addition, there are settings from the application that you can use as needed

Second Method : Without App

Android actually has a function to hide the wifi icon or other icon in the settings menu. By using the settings menu, you are free to hide certain icons and even hide all icons in the status bar. You can also use Bluetooth to send applications as in the following tutorial How To Share Internet from Android to PC Via USB Cable

For how to use it, you can follow the method below.

  • Go to android Settings
  • On the Device menu click Display
  • Scroll down and click System icon menu
  • In the System icons menu you can disable various icons that you don’t want to see in the status bar
  • For those who want to hide wifi, please disable the wifi icon here

Third Method : Using the System UI Tuner

On Android Marshmallow, Google introduced the System UI Tuner which functions to hide the icon in the status bar or display battery information.

But the System UI Tuner will not appear directly, you must activate it first to be able to use it.

To activate the System UI Tuner you must first activate Developer options.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click About
  • Click Serial Number 5 times until a notification appears that Developer options is active

How to Enable System UI Tuner

  • You guys scroll through the status bar
  • On the gear symbol, you click and hold for about 5 seconds
  • A notification will appear that the System UI Tuner is active

To use it go to Settings > System

Listed on the System menu, you will see a new menu, namely System UI Tuner. Here you can immediately use it to hide the wifi icon or certain notifications.

How to Hide WiFi Icon with Clean Status Bar

The Last Words

For those of you who want to hide wifi icon on Android as well as the status bar with the application, you can immediately try GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode. But when it is active, the keyboard will not work, to activate the keyboard again, you can return the settings as usual.

Meanwhile, using android settings, the icon will be hidden but the status bar will still be there. Choose according to your needs.

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