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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Play Store – Step by Step 2020

Google Play Store continuously updating new things to make it easier to use for their customer. As a new update recently they launch Theme options where users can easily enable dark mode on google play store just like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

The night mode feature of the play store is quite cool. Nowadays turning on dark mode is trending. Everyone looking for how to turn on dark mode for google play store and other android apps.

The main reason is the dark mode on android apps is looking more gorgeous than the default version. And also dark mode don’t interrupt our eyesight. You may know Blue Light is very harmful to the human body. And it may affect your sleep also directly or indirectly on your health.

But the dark mode decreases the amount of blue light by making everything dark interface on it.

But before going to the process guys I want to share my other article on How to Share Internet from Android to PC. This means if you have a laptop or computer and you want to share the internet with PC by your android phone you can do that.

So here on this page, I’m going to show you how you can easily enable dark mode on google play store android app. This is a step by step process which will help you to turn the dark mode for the Google Play Store app.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Play Store

Before going to the process make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Store Android app. Because of the dark mode option only available on the latest version of Google Play Store.

If you don’t know how to update the Play Store to the latest version you can watch this video…

I think you’ve successfully updated the Google Play Store. Now let’s jump into the main part of enabling dark mode.

First open the Google Play Store app

Opening Google Play Store

Tap on the menu bar icon from the left top sidebar

Google Play Store Open Menu

Now tap on Settings

Google Play Store Settings

After that lots of options will appear. Tap on Theme from those options.

Google Play Store Theme

A fly-out menu will appear. There you will see 3 options. Light, Dark & Set by Battery Saver.

Theme Options

Just tap on Dark to make the Google Play Store interface totally dark/black.

Dark Theme Option

Now you see the Google Play Store interface is totally black, which means you’ve successfully enabled dark mode on Google Play Store on Android.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Play Store

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You can either select the Set by Battery Saver to save your battery charge when you’ll use Play Store. And if you want to go to the default, then follow the above process and tap on Light. And it will be the default one.


Enabling dark mode may give you a cool look! I hope you’ve successfully enabled Google Play Store Dark theme on your android phone. If so, please share this post with your friends.

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