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5 Most Common Problems with ZOOM & Solutions

5 Most Common Problems with ZOOM & Solutions

Common Problems with ZOOM

It is not a secret that ZOOM is one of the best software for meetings or video conferences. However, there are certain things that you must take into account to make your experience on this platform good. For this reason, here I am going to tell you the top 5 most common ZOOM problems with their solutions.

Camera or Audio Does not Work in ZOOM

If you can’t hear anyone when you enter a meeting, you may have closed the window that appears before logging in. Make sure always to press the blue button that says “Join Computer Audio“. In case you have already entered, you can activate the option “Join Radio” in the lower-left corner and then click on the “Join Computer Audio” button. The same applies to the camera, only to fix it you must click on the camera icon found in the taskbar.

If an error message appears when you try to click the button, then the problem lies in your PC settings. To solve it, go to the camera settings in Windows 10 and make sure that the option “Allow applications to access your camera” is activated.

Some Features are Missing in ZOOM

Some popular Zoom features, such as the ability to share the screen with participants, are not available in the web version. That is, you need to install the dedicated application to have access to certain features. This is also the most common problems with ZOOM.

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If you want to take advantage of the full potential of Zoom, then download the application from the link under these lines.

Activation Email Does not Arrive from ZOOM

Although most Zoom activation emails are sent in seconds, some may take up to half an hour to reach your inbox. Unfortunately, if it is delayed, you cannot do anything.

However, check your spam tray for the ZOOM email. If none of this works, then contact the administrator of your email client and tell them that they should include this email [email protected] in the email whitelist next to the following IP addresses:


Eliminate Background Noise in ZOOM

Background noise can make communication on a video call a nightmare. This makes it difficult to listen to people during a meeting and causes an unpleasant feeling.

To resolve this issue, the host can mute all participants in the room. In this way, they will have their microphone turned off as soon as they enter the meeting, avoiding any possible background noise. You just have to click the “Participants” button in the taskbar, select the “More” option and then click “Mute participants when entering“.

After that, each participant will have to activate their microphone to speak manually, but this will avoid communication failures caused by background noise.

Meetings Last Not More than 40 Minutes

Zoom’s free plan is very generous, but it has several limitations that you should be aware of. One of them is that group meetings have a duration limit of 40 minutes. When that amount of time ends, the system will log out of all participants and end the meeting. Unfortunately, some users are unaware of this and are confused when their meeting ends abruptly.

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I think you can fix above most common ZOOM problems with those solutions. Share this post to your friends if they are also facing the same issues. Thanks for being with us.

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